About Me


My name is Jean and I love to sew.

I have just joined the fabulous fifties club and I have recently married a wonderful man who is very tolerant of my sewing obsession, although he does keep suggesting that I could sew him a shirt. My four beautiful children have all flown the nest, venturing out into the big wide world and are now producing grand children (3 so far). 

I work full time in an office which is a terrible disruption to my sewing time. I try to keep my sewing hobby as practical as possible by sewing clothing that will fit into my lifestyle. Therefore you will probably see a lot of "cake" and not too much "frosting" here.

I love reading and following other sewing blogs and I enjoy all the wonderful sharing of ideas, knowledge and sewing experiences from the online sewing community.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing.


  1. Hello, I (kinda) live in Canberra, assume you live nearby given you bought fabric in Queanbeyan? (Love that firework dress!!)
    Would love to catch up sometime with a fellow pattern reviewer/sewing addict!
    Marilyn (mazzygirl)

    1. Hi Marilyn. So lovely to hear from you. I have missed your blog. I remember you were one of the first sewing boggers I discovered when getting back into sewing. I actually live a couple of hours from Canberra, on the coast. I don't often visit Canberra but I make the most of it when passing Spotlight. My last visit I managed to spend over $300 in around an hour of panicked fabric shopping. I am enjoying sewing up my purchases now. I must make an effort to attend one of those "Frocktail" events so that I can actually meet some other sewists. I don't know anyone in real life who sews. The closest I came was to run into Anne from Cherry Pix in the local bank last Christmas. I was shocked that she even recognised me.