My Other Love

Sewing has been a wonderful outlet for my creative side, but that's not my only interest.

My other love is hiking or bush walking, preferably in the more remote areas, off the beaten track. This is an activity I share with my partner husband Greg, (not something I would attempt on my own).

Hiking has certainly added a sense of adventure to my life, and I find it provides a good balance with my sewing hobby. Although "Sew, Jean Margaret" is a sewing blog, I have added this page with links to our hiking adventures, if you are interested.

Great views from a spot just before reaching Marion's Lookout. Greg and Jean with Crater Lake in the background. You can clearly see the track behind us with some other walkers that look the size of ants.
Overland Track, Tasmania

Clyde Gorge in the Budawangs

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