Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me Made May'14 Final Roundup

Phew!! I made it to the end of Me Made May'14 staying true to my pledge of wearing at least one "me made" garment per day for the month of May.

Day Twentysix
Monday 26/5/14

Day 26
Back to work today wearing my Style Arc Terry Tie Cardi in marle grey ponte. Ollie just had to be in the photo too.

Day Twentyseven
Tuesday 27/5/14

Day 27
I am wearing three "me made" garments today. My red Style Arc Nina Cardi made pre blog, my zebra print New Look 6470 Cowl Top and hot off the sewing machine (made last night) my new Style Arc Barb Pants (not yet blogged).

Day Twentyeight
Wednesday 28/5/14

Day 28
Two "me Made" garments today...McCalls 6844 cardigan and my new Style Arc Barb Pants this time worn tucked into my long boots.

Day Twentynine
Thursday 29/5/14

Day 29

Another repeat of my Style Arc Kristen Dress. Tried to change the look by wearing some patterned tights and my new Mary Janes. Ollie just loves joining in.

Day Thirty
Friday 30/5/14

Day 30
The end of another working week and I'm wearing New Look 6071 in purple ponte. I called in to visit Mum on the way home from work and took full advantage of her beautiful pink climbing roses still flowering so close to winter.

Day Thirtyone
Saturday 31/5/14

Day 31

A day spent at home doing domestic chores. I am wearing my Style Arc Elle Pants and my Cation Designs Dolman Sleeved top. We went down to the local Chinese Restaurant for dinner tonight and I changed into my Style Arc Issy Top.

Day 31 Evening

Well here I am at the end of Me Made May'14, a little sad that it's over, but glad that I don't have to do the daily photos any more. It has been a fun experience, exploring new ways to wear my "me mades" and identifying gaps in my wardrobe. This has resulted in a huge surge in my sewing mojo and I have probably completed more garments this month than ever before. Let's hope it continues. 

I have decided not to go back to wearing my work uniform, even though it is easier, I have quite enjoyed the challenge of working out outfits to wear to work. It just means I need to be organised the night before. 

Me made garments worn during May totalled 52 (with quite a few repeats included). This far exceeded my pledge of wearing 31 (one garment per day). I have surprised myself with these results and I will have to set my challenge much higher for next year. Thanks to all the participants of Me Made May'14 for sharing their progress and a big thanks to Zoe for organising the event.

Me Made May'14 Week One

Me Made May'14 Week Two

Me Made May'14 Week Three

Me Made May'14 Week Four

Happy Sewing


  1. Congratulations on making it through MMM! It HAS been hard! and fun! I really love all of the cardigans you make, they all look so professional. I have yet to delve into the cardigan arena, but I may just have to try out some Style Arc patterns and give it a go. Thank you for sharing your month with us, I enjoyed seeing all of your everyday outfits.

    1. Thanks so much Kelly for all your lovely comments. MMM has been a fun experience and I have enjoyed following your daily progress too.

  2. Congratulations on following through with MMM. Thanks for sharing too. With the great clothes you make, I'm sure you can wave goodbye to the uniform!

    1. Thanks onedabbles for the great boost to my confidence. I'm glad you enjoyed following along.

  3. Well done. Love all your outfits - aren't the Barbs great. Love the red Nina in particular. Must do a Nina.

    1. Thanks BeaJay. I have to agree...the Barb's are great. I can see I will be making more of these. And yes, you must try a Nina. I'm sure you won't be disappointed, it's a great flattering cardigan.

  4. I've enjoyed seeing your outfits and the different ways you've styled them! I've also enjoyed all the different backdrops -- it's a good reminder that all these clothes actually get worn to do things in:)

    1. Thanks Angela. I have found that MMM has made me realise that I need to concentrate on making some basics that I will wear regularly.

  5. Another stylish week! Ollie is the same as Roscoe, we stand still and they have to come and see what we are up to!

    1. Thank you Sharon. Ollie loves to join in whatever is happening. He keeps us amused with his antics.

  6. I love the red cardigan and the Issy top!

    1. Thanks Andrea. Those two garments are on my favourites list too.

  7. Ha! I was just reading this post thinking 'she should totally up for pledge for next year, she's killed it this year!' and then I read to the end to see that you wrote the same! You have such a great range of handmade garments, that purple dress in particular is amazing. Have fun filling those wardrobe gaps! xx

    1. Thanks so much Zoe. Your comment is truly appreciated. Looking forward to the next Me Made May.