Sunday, 11 May 2014

MMM'14 Week Two Roundup

Well, it's the end of week two of Me Made May'14 already. It has been a bit of a challenge to come up with a new outfit for each day, especially because I am used to wearing a uniform to work, but it has been fun.

Day Five
Monday 5/5/14

Day 5
I wore my Lavender Renfrew paired with my Pewter Style Arc Sammi Pants to work today. That is two "me made" garments...great start to the week.

Day Six
Tuesday 6/5/14

Day 6
I got to wear my new blue cardigan McCall's 6844 today (not yet blogged) and a repeat of my Sammi Pants. (Need to make more pants!)

Day Seven
Wednesday 7/5/14

Day 7
Another day at work and then the dreaded weekly grocery shopping. Today I am wearing my Style Arc Wendy Pants (not yet blogged).

Day Eight
Thursday 8/5/14

Day 8
Ollie was very excited to greet me as I arrived home from work. I wore my Style Arc Kristen Dress today. I love this dress, it's so comfy.

Day Nine
Friday 9/5/14

Day 9
After another day at work I spent the evening in my sewing room. I am wearing a wrap dress, McCall's 6163. I made this one without the collar.

Day Ten
Saturday 10/5/14

Day 10
Saturday I am wearing my new blue cardigan to take some photos for the blog. I am also wearing a "me made" top New Look 6470 which I thought matched my cardigan well. Is that a Renfrew hanging on the line?

Day 10 Evening
Saturday night we went out for dinner and I am wearing New Look 6071 which I made pre blog. Greg is wearing a "me made" shirt McCall's 6044.

Day Eleven
Sunday 11/5/14

Day 11
Just warm enough to wear my Style Arc Stacie Jean Jacket today. This is my first Mother's Day ever, when I haven't got to see at least one of my children. They are all spread far and wide across the country now. I have been made feel very loved and appreciated with all their calls and messages though. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Happy Sewing


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Love all your outfits. The blue cardigan is a beautiful color.

    1. Thanks Kelly. I do love the blue too. I think it's a colour that suits me.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your MMM outfits - thanks for posting them. Glad you got lots of Mother's Day wishes!

    1. Thanks onedabbles. I'm glad you are enjoying my MMM outfits. I'm getting a bit worried though. There are still quite a few days to go yet.

  3. I love the casual photos you've taken and all your outfits look very stylish.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Megan. It's a bit of a challenge trying to come up with new ideas and sometimes there just isn't enough time to muck around.

  4. You are having a great me-made May! each of your outfits is very stylish and beautifully put-together. Your wardrobe looks very diverse and versatile.

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn. I have discovered that I actually have more "me made" clothes than I realised.

  5. Great Me Made May week - and extra points for getting your fiancé involved!

    1. Thanks Paola. My darling fiancé is very obliging like that. I might add that he chose to wear that particular shirt all by himself, with no cajoling from me, so I thought it only fitting that he get in the photo too.

  6. A wonderful Me Made Week, very stylish and all the pieces look great on you.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon for your lovely comment.

  7. Such fun photos! Your wardrobe looks so practical without sacrificing style. I particularly like your blue cardigan - such a gorgeous colour (it looks great on you too) and your Sammi pants, which look like a really nice fit.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle. I love the blue too. It is a colour that seems to suit me. I have plans for more Sammi pants as they are relatively quick and easy to make and the fit is good on me without any alterations at all.