Sunday, 25 May 2014

MMM'14 Week Four Roundup

We are nearing the end of Me Made May'14 now. Only one more week to go. Here is my roundup of the past week.

Day Nineteen
Monday 19/5/14

Day 19
Back to work for the start of another week. I am wearing Style Arc Wendy Pants (modified) with a Style Arc Terry Tie Cardigan, yet to be blogged.

Day Twenty
Tuesday 20/5/14

Day 20
Today I'm wearing McCalls 6163 with the collar. It is a little snug at the moment but I thought it looked OK with my Style Arc Nina Cardigan belted over the top.

Day Twentyone
Wednesday 21/5/14

Day 21
Home late tonight after work and grocery shopping. Just a quick photo before I unpack the groceries. Wearing my Style Arc Kristen Dress.

Day Twentytwo
Thursday 22/5/14

Day 22
I must have been in a rush this morning before work...after looking at this photo, I'm wondering what I was thinking. This cardigan looks terrible belted (and I must stitch that front band down so that it sits properly). Wearing McCalls 6844 cardigan and Style Arc Sammi Pants.

Day Twentythree
Friday 23/5/14

Day 23
Back to my favourite Sewaholic Renfrew Top paired with a repeat of my Style Arc Sammi Pants. I tried to change the look by wearing a different necklace.

Day Twentyfour
Saturday 24/5/14

Day 24
A day at home doing washing and vacuuming and other mundane domestic chores...but I did sneak in a little sewing this afternoon. Wearing another Sewaholic Renfrew. I'm working on another McCalls 6844 cardigan (View C this time) which I have been working on a couple of evenings this week, and I got to finish it. Here's a sneak peek on our way out to dinner:

Evening of Day 24

Greg is also wearing his favourite "me made" shirt McCalls 6044 so that makes him eligible for the photo too.

Day Twentyfive
Sunday 25/5/14

Day 25
I spent an hour or so this morning removing twelve black buttons from my Colette Beignet Skirt and sewing on twelve cream buttons to replace them. Sharon from Petite and Sewing suggested that it might look better with less black and I think she is right. Thanks Sharon. I'm wearing it today with my Grainline Studio Scout Tee and my Style Arc Stacie Jean Jacket

It has been an interesting week, spending time searching through my wardrobe looking for "me mades" and trying to come up with new combinations and ways of wearing them.
One more week to go...can I keep it up???

Happy Sewing


  1. More great outfits. I am strongly of the opinion that some garments look much better in real life than in photos - so don't be too hard on yourself ! I am very impressed by you changing out all those buttons on the biegnet, that is a big job!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments kbenco. I must admit, halfway through sewing those twelve buttons on, I did question whether it would be worth it, but I like the result and I'm glad I did it.

  2. A great array of outfits for this week. And changing out the buttons on the Beignet, wow,a big task. Definitely worth it, I agree.

    1. Thanks so much Paola. Great to receive some positive feedback. Makes it all worth while.

  3. Interesting how the removal of the black buttons has made such a difference to your skirt. I belted a top during MMM a few years ago that I had never belted before and never will again! Interesting how we try and change our look but our photos do let us know.

    1. Thanks Sharon for constructive advice. I do agree that the skirt looks much nicer without the black contrasts. Taking photos of every outfit this month has been a real eye opener for me and I have learnt a lot.