Saturday, 10 May 2014

Perfecting the Scout Tee

Here is my third attempt at making the Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee. The other two attempts have been blogged about here.

I have tweaked the pattern slightly to improve the drape of the top at the front. I lengthened the front piece at the hem line, at the centre front by about 3cm and tapered it back to the original length at the side seams. This actually gave the bottom front piece quite a curved edge but it looks straight when worn.

Side view
As you can see from the side view, the hem line is hanging evenly all the way around.

Back view
I used a spun rayon purchased from Spotlight in a plain cream colour. It is a little sheer so I am wearing a camisole underneath. It drapes beautifully and I can see this being a very handy layering garment in my wardrobe.

Satin binding at the neckline
This time I bound the neckline with cream satin bias binding. It gives the top a touch of luxury and dresses up the plain cream fabric.

Repair turned into a design feature.
The first time I wore this top, I accidentally caught it on a wire fence and tore a small hole in it near the hemline. I used the same satin bias binding to repair the hole and now I have a "design feature". 

I'm really happy that I have perfected the fit of the Scout Woven Tee for me. I predict there will be lots more Scouts coming up in my sewing future. Such a great little pattern.

Happy Sewing


  1. I love the Scout! You truly have perfected the fit, that one will be perfect for layering or being simply beautiful on it's own. I love the 'design feature', at first I thought it was your signature tag.

    1. Thanks Kelly. Gotta laugh about the design feature. Just glad it was repairable.

  2. This looks really nice. I first made Scout in a knit and the poor fit wasn't as obvious as when I more recently made it in a woven - the front rises up for me as well. A great alteration and fit!

    1. Thanks Carrie. It was such a simple fix and it hangs so much nicer now.