Sunday, 4 May 2014

MMM'14 Week One Roundup

Me Made May'14 is well under way and so far I have managed to stay true to my pledge of wearing at least one me made garment per day. The biggest challenge so far is taking daily photos.

Day One
Thursday 1/5/14

Day 1
This is what I wore to work. The pants are Style Arc Sammi Woven Pants. The rest of the outfit is my work uniform. I usually wear black RTW pants. My uniform is not compulsory and I am hoping MMM'14 will help me decide if I want to do away with wearing my uniform and create my own work wardrobe.

Day Two
Friday 2/5/14

Day 2
On day two I actually wore the same outfit as day one to work, however, after work I changed into my Fleece Hoody which I made pre blog. This was part of a Craftsy Class. The weather has really turned cold tonight.

Day Three
Saturday 3/5/14

Day 3
Saturday was cold but nice and sunny...perfect for taking photos of my new Renfrew top. I wore this into town for a little shopping and coffee with my fiance.

Day Four
Sunday 4/5/14

Day 4
Sunday was a quiet day at home catching up on the domestic chores and also a little sewing. I am wearing another Renfrew top with some RTW track pants and slippers...nice and comfy.

I am off to plan my wardrobe for the coming week.

Happy Sewing


  1. You've got some very useful pieces in your wardrobe, and all so well fitting. The renfrew top looks really good on you in both iterations.

    1. Thanks kbenco. I'm afraid there may be quite a few repeat wears during May. At least it will help me identify gaps in my wardrobe.

  2. Happy to see you are doing MMM too! I was a bit nervous about all the picture taking, but so far, it has worked out. I love your hoodie and the lavender Renfrew! What a beautiful color, I am glad you were able to work around the fabric flaw.

    1. Thanks Kelly. I am really happy with my lavender Renfrew and I was so glad the fabric wasn't completely ruined.

  3. Nice first few days. I *LOVE* that hoodie!!!

    1. Thanks Nakisha. The hoodie is a cute pattern.